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The story of CeeCee & Bee

My name is Charlene, and I am a Lavender lover! CeeCee & Bee started as a way to use the lavender that grows plentiful in my garden. Instead of discarding the trimmings, I wanted to find a way to use and share them with friends and family.

I also happen to be a Lavender lover who suffers from extremely sensitive skin, which prevented me from enjoying most bath & body products throughout my life. CeeCee & Bee was my opportunity to design products that would be gentle and healing for my skin, and that I could enjoy creating to boot! This was my vision... but I couldn't do it alone.

My sister and best friend Debbie was quickly roped into the gig as a way for us to be creative together. Debbie is an artist by hobby with a very creative hand. Without her help, my ideas would never be a reality. Together we make up CeeCee & Bee ~ Simplee Pure & Natural Apothecary!

We use local, sustainable, organically-grown ingredients in all of our products -- each designed and handcrafted with special care by us. We've chosen to make products we use and enjoy!

We hope you enjoy our products and gifting them to your friends, as much as we do!
- Charlene & Debbie

p.s. Did you see us in Etsy's Featured Shop Blog? --- Check it out here: https://blog.etsy.com/en/2014/featured-shop-ceecee-bee/

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